This is a rather large collection of images from Arma 2. The original purpsose of this pack was to provide a graphical documentation of the new AI functions & algorithms in the face of the enemy forces in various plausible battle situations. This was done with the help of the website tool by William van der Sterren which simply put, composed missions with the AI being setted up to effectivly complete it's given orders while still not being too much dependant on scripts. There are about 50+ images seperated into "Modern" and "CW" meaning Cold War time categories. However, due to testing reasons there aren't much armoured combat so tanks are sadly scarce in this screenshots pack. I am publishing this because I feel like it and besides, this was actually made just for myself to see how this all works and not for some governmental or military organisation like my initial description might look like. File is .7z format, needs 7zip app but will work with latest WinRAR.

Arma II Screenshots AI Strategy & Tactics Testing
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