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Antares Expansion - March 2008 edition

I have installed the mod yesterday from along with the previous installs namely 1.1 patch SDk1.3 and then FLMM then Antares mod but the game showed version 2.21 instead of1.1 and kept hanging up as I tried to load a saved game or a new game Will be helped highly if some one can offer a solution

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Vanguard_Achilles Author

This mod is not designed to work with any saved games from the original story line. As a matter of course it is recommended that all saved games be (optionally backed up then) deleted before activating the mod.

Mod was written to be played online on the Vanguard 2 server and so I have not even done any testing to see if it works with the Open Single Player mod that allows you to skip past all the single player story missions and get straight to being a Freelancer going and doing what you want.

If you really do not want to play on a server with other players then I recommend that you start a server on your own computer and connect to it via the Multiplayer > LAN settings in Freelancer.

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Hi i want to try this game and i havent played a freelancer mod before but have flmm v1.3 installed can i directly download and play this mod?
(i have not downloaded the previous versions)

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