Diese Mod schaltet einfacher Edelsteine und damit Bonusinhalte wie Zierelemente, Portraits und Farben in Anno 1404 History Edition frei. Die Mod enthält den inoffiziellen Patch von Brumbek! This mod grants easier access to gems and with that access to bonus contents in Anno 1404 History Edition. The mod includes the unoffical patch by Brumbek! I already did this for the older, non-remastered version of the game. Please read the description there, because it is nearly the same :) Just copy the "addon" folder into the main installation location. My mod is based on the Anno1404-History-Edition-UnofficialPatch-v1.10 by Brumbek. And to be precisely, it was made out of his unmodded variant.

Anno 1404 History Edition Edelsteine & Bonusinhalte Mod / Gems & bonus content

Wohoo very nice change, love that it has been adapted to the history edition. Been using the original and it really improves the flow for unlocking the bonus stuff. Thanks

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