Here's AI Hero Support MiniMod.

AI Hero Support MiniMod

Another version here by another author, but done with the assistance of archer01 (who released the original) which works on a lot more maps:( The newer version )

And yes the Jedi heroes work the same way for AI.
You choose a Jedi hero as usual or if you do not, an AI teammate does, and at the same time the opposing side also has an AI Jedi , so it is possible for the opposing Jedi to get into combat and you can witness their duel. Solid stuff.

I like very much the mod when it was released so long ago as SWBattlefront 2 allowing only player Jedi, in my view, was very lame.
This mod added a lot more excitement in both trying to stalk and avoid getting murdered by the likes of Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine etc

By the way this mod was originally released on another website . Each time I install battle front 2 I always look for it either online or in my backed up files . I have not tried the later version that I posted above I only learned about it recently

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