This demo include 2 worlds - ocean world and snow world.

Adventures of a volleyball DEMO

I'll try :)

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This is good mod. I played all maps. I want to play more. But there was very annoying thing. Even if I don't touch key, the ball keep shaking. It affects player's control. I failed many many times due to that. Please fix.

I had some important ideas when I played this. Ugaaa... I forgot now. There are some problem in game design.

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I'm checking this again. Unfortunately, this demo have many problems in game design & game balance. One of the most annoying game I've ever played. I completed though, I can endure. But all people need f***in endurance to play this. That's bad.

1. Terrible control

I wrote it before. The ball don't move correctly. The ball always shaking. This problem make many failures. Very annoying.

2. The price of the filter should be 0

Filters are completely worthless for game itself. So player should be able to change them freely.

3. The price of save should be 5

15 is super high cost. This is money list of Chapter1.


1+7+7+10+4=29. This means we can't use save until 1-3. And we can use save only once in Chapter1. If player use save in 1-3, he can't use save in 1-4 & 1-5. Just ridiculous. Add 1 coin to make 30? It's bad anyway. 10 is still too high. It should be 5. And you should allow player to save several times in one map.

4. The price of hint should be 3

Hints are almost worthless.


Thank you for making great mod. I'm waiting next chapters.

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TiR Author

Thanks for comments. Will fix some thing. But I think I will can't completely fix ball's physics.

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It looks like the game "Kula World" released on the first playstation!

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