We are looking for a number of programmers to join our Dev Team and help us create design tool sets for an up and coming fantasy style video game called Dawn Of Ascension.We are looking for a programmer with C#, C++ and SQL knowledge needed. WPF, x64, DirectX/OpenGL and mobile development experience would be a plus. Knowledge of the GarageGames T3D engine a definite bonus.

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Artists located Anywhere.

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Winterleaf Entertainment are currently searching for a wide variety of people who will be able to help us create the artwork, models and world for our current project: Dawn of Ascension.
We are a small indie studio with no investor backing, or publisher so WinterLeaf Entertainment is unfunded and is a labor of love for our development team. Promotional materials for Dawn of Ascension are directly related to the development of OMNI since we do not have any big-name developers on our team. We are currently trying to figure out the best way to secure funding for WinterLeaf Entertainment.

So… What’s Dawn of Accession?
Dawn of Ascension is a different breed of MMO. This is the MMO game that we have all wanted to play but never existed. There are no levels, no grinding, and no meaningless quests. Everything in Dawn of Ascension is player driven and has roots deep in the lore of the game. The world of Dawn of Ascension is filled with history, creatures, civilizations, and so much more.
We are happy to report that development on Dawn of Ascension is has picked up tremendous pace since OMNI Engine is nearing its final stages of development. We have been holding out on releasing much information, and images, about the game until OMNI was done so that we could properly showcase all of the hard work we have dedicated so much of our time and energy into.

That is all about to change.

We are very excited to finally start showcasing our game. Our writers have written some fantastic tales filled battle, glory, loss, and love which will begin to introduce the history and lore of the world of Dawn of Ascension, Itaire.

What we are looking for in Team Members...
Because of our unfunded nature the positions available will pay no up-front salary or wages (yet) We fully understand that because of this these positions are very much ‘spare-time’ though each person will have goals to complete to help us reach bigger milestones throughout the months.
We have weekly meetings as well as ‘Sunday Updates’ to try and keep everyone on track with tasks and the creation of the game running smoothly.

Essential Requirements:
- Ability to work to deadlines both self-set and set by team leaders.
- Ability to work efficiently as part of a team or individually.
- Fluent in written and spoken English.
- Have your own software and equipment to be able to work on.
- Reliable Internet connection, or at least regular Internet availability.
- Mummer application installed and running.
- And finally a passion for gaming, particularly in the RPG/MMO genres.

We do not care about your age or location, as long as you feel, and we believe, you can match the standards of our current Team members.

Positions Available
- Concept Artists for:
Characters (Armour styles and NPCs),
Environment(Terrain, Buildings and props)
Creatures (Mobs and Mounts)
Please let us know if you have a strength in the above 3, and we will work your tasks to your desired area.
- Texture Artists
- UI Artists
- Animators
- Riggers
- 3D Modellers for:
Characters (Armour, and Accessories including Hair)
- Writer. Will be working on our website helping to create blogs and pages to showcase races, creatures, environments and all that other fun stuff going on with Dawn of Ascension.

Of course if we don't have a position listed and you would love to be part of WLE, please feel free to contact us and we can let you know if there is a space on the Team.

To Apply

Send a portfolio and/or Resume to sfeltham@winterleafentertainment.com with suject title of which position it is you are wanting to fill.
Any Question, Queries or Quibbles feel free to email the above address or leave a message here on ModDB.
Thank you for your time.

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