We are a group of beginner, intermediate, and advanced modders who decided to band together and create something we can one day be proud of and rub in the face of others. We are of all ages (this depends) and will accept anyone who is willing to help create a good product and receive satisfaction.

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This is the official reactivation of WDT Studios.

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Hello future members, interested viewers, or just people passing by.
My name is Rick but most people know me by Muffin, so that's what I go by.

This is a little introduction to the official re-activation of this Mod Development page, as it's been a year since i've did any major works.

Who are WDT Studios?

I am the head of the team and a bit new to the modding scene, with my first mod started back in February of 2013. It was nothing more than a thought and a wannabe mapper's dream. At the time it seemed a great idea, but as the months went by I realized that my map was kind of bad and very amateur, and by that time, I had learned so much that I could remake the map into something greater.
Following the remake (which failed too, but it was so much better) I really didn't do much heavy mapping. I still learned new techniques and got even better in my map design, but never made another map to show for it. My potential is great but what I had lacked was the ability to pay attention to my map for extended periods of time, something I have far improved on.

*Other member bios go here*

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