Greetings travelers, we are a small, ambitious, independent Games Development Team by the name “Synoptic Entertainment”. We are currently studying at a Game Development University in Germany. Our bachelor will be finished in about 2 months and we are working eagerly on our second Project called “Shinigami Incernate”. Our team is made out of two Programmers and five artists. You can support us by building up our Community.

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Artists located Anywhere, German preffered.

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Hey Guys,

We are “Synoptic Entertainment”, a small,
but growing Indie Development Studio and we are looking for new Employees.
We are mostly students, who are at their last year at university, so we got time to build up our own Project without the needs for a paid job.

That fact alone gives us the possibility to work at least 10 up to 50 hrs a week for our Project, with changing terms (in case of private circumstances). What’s hopefully is enough time to get our Project to a Point, which we can be proud of. Or even better, if we get enough money, to build up our own little Company.

Our current Title is called:
“Shinigami Incarnate”

What we're looking for a highly motivated peoples, who enjoy developing games and got enough time. We can't promise that we are able to pay at the end of the game, however our Working Contract includes that we will pay you out when our project hits the stores with income.

Right Now we're in the Alpha Phase of our game, with most of the Single-Player Content working. But beside the fact that we're 6 People right now, we can't progress as fast as we want to, so we're looking for:

• GUI Artist (Vector Art based, talented and skilled Artist, Maybe Knowledge in Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop)
• Environment Artist (Good Drawing Skills, knowledge with Photoshop)
• Concept Art Artist (Nice Drawing Skills, as well as good Photoshop knowledge, and much imagination)
• Character Artist (Good Knowledge of the Human Body, Retopologizing skills, Mudbox/ZBrush skills)
• Animator (Realistic Animation, 3ds Max / Maya)
• Technical Artist (Rigging Expert, Good Knowledge in Normal-map Baking, Photoshop)

• Web Designer (PHP Skills, you should have already build up 1-4 Websites, maybe SQL knowledge)
• Community Manager (Providing News, Fluent writing Skills of at least 2 Languages,
• Software Programmer - (C# Knowledge, UDP, TCP, experience with Patching tools or Applications)
• As well as Other Programmers (C# knowledge required since we are working with Unity3d)

So if you’re interested and want to be one of the first people who are getting related to our BIG FUTURE as “Synoptic-Entertainment”, email us ;)

We’re looking forward for every mail we get!

Synoptic Entertainment

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Anywhere, German preffered
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