Founded in 2004, Resurrection-Studios are a group of crazy yet talented modders who work mostly with the Unreal engine. So far we have 3 mods published by the fantastic Running With Scissors (Eternal Damnation, A Very Postal Christmas, and of course Kamek's awesome A Week In Paradise). Other credits include the Postal 2 MP 1409X patch, and the Land of the Dead total conversion Dead Epidemic.

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In which we all go into hibernation and dream of new computers, games, and a world without pop ups...

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Looks like there will be no further updates here until Jan 5th when everyone is back from Xmas vacation fall out. I'd like to take this moment to point all our viewers to a Christmas Mod coming out that is being handled by Neurological called x-MASS. This is for DOOM 3 and promises to be fun! Check that mod area for a recently uploaded YouTube video.
As for an update:
Dead Epidemic - moving along nicely!
BOIH - Hold while the main character is switched out.
HAND - Hold indefinately
Postal 2: Oblivion - Hold until after the holidays
MIND - Hold until x-MASS is completed

So Happy Winter Holidays to all out there. See you next year!

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