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RealisticGameStudios are looking for a skilled CryENGINE 3 Texture artist for the Elite: Special Forces development team. About the game:

Elite is a modern, tactical first person shooter, containing no sci-fi elements. Forcing the players to use tactics and teamwork in order to win, Elite will not be any new "Run & Gun Shooter", as seen in games such as "Call of Duty" and "Battlefield 3". Centering about modern days special forces, players can create their own characters for use in single player and multiplayer, using a very smart character customization system, where it also is possible for players to have as many characters as preferred. Having sophisticated planning stages, a very special weapon view, singleplayer campaign and a large multiplayer rank system, Elite is something different from other games.

Offering both Close Quarter Battle and large out-door environments, weapon choices will be essential for the operations in both offline as well as online mode. Long assault rifles will bang against walls in room fight, and submachine guns doesn't have a very far range for long engagements. Players must choose 1 out of 17 special forces for each individual character, giving both CT units such as the French "GIGN" and the Russian "Spetsnaz Alfa", while also giving a millitary experience in units like the British "SAS" and the US "Navy Seals". Elite is combining the intense action in the Close Quarter Combat fights and the excitement in long range engagements, which gives an amazing atmosphere in the game.


2d Texture Artist

Job Description
As a 2d Texture Artist at the E: SF development team, you will help texturing different assets, based on our asset guides. You will also help Regular/Junior members with texturing. You can also be required to create different textures such as Ground Textures.

• Strong understanding of texturing; both basic texturing, asset-texturing and so on.
• Strong experience with a texture program (Photoshop, GIMP, and so on).
• Strong experience with different texture maps (Normal, Specular, diffuse and so on)
• At least a basic understanding and experience with CryEngine 3 CryTIFF plugin is required.
• Work to show.

Welcomed Skills
• Understanding of Art Pipeline.
• Leadership.
• Other game/modding experience.

• An overall nice atmosphere in a small team.
• Possibilities of skills developing to a higher level.
• Be able to add the game to resume/portfolio.
• Ability to add work to portfolio after game release.

Application Process
Send your Resume and/or portfolio (if you do not send any link to your portfolio, then send previous done work) to @

The job is un-paid.

To Apply

Send your Resume and/or portfolio (if you do not send any link to your portfolio if having one, then send previous done work) to @

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