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Who Are We?
We're RealisticGameStudios, a team consisting of very talented and enthusiastic game developers, creating the most intense, authentic and memorable games for our fans and players. We're using a lot of time on our projects to ensure that the quality in our games will be perfect for you, and we're always enthusiastic about the games we're creating. Always having realism as a main goal as our team name is referring to, our games will be something special! We love our work and we love to create games to play for all our fans and players - including you.

Core Values
- Real Life first
- Balance your own days as long as you have your work done to time
- Everyone has something to say on our team, if you have any ideas or suggestions to company or game, share
- Feel free to work on other projects as long as they don't conflict with our projects
- Our community is our life blood, we will treat them well and listen to what they say
- We will have the same core vision of the game, but take our community's ideas and opinions in consideration
- We're always aiming for high realism based gameplay

Short About Our Project:
Elite is a modern, tactical first person shooter, containing no sci-fi elements. Forcing the players to use tactics and teamwork in order to win, Elite will not be any new "Run & Gun Shooter", as seen in games such as "Call of Duty" and "Battlefield 3". Centering about modern days special forces, players can create their own characters for use in single player and multiplayer, using a very smart character customization system, where it also is possible for players to have as many characters as preferred. Having sophisticated planning stages, a very special weapon view, singleplayer campaign and a large multiplayer rank system, Elite is something different from other games.

Offering both Close Quarter Battle and large out-door environments, weapon choices will be essential for the operations in both offline as well as online mode. Long assault rifles will bang against walls in room fight, and sub-machine guns doesn't have a very far range for long engagements. Players must choose 1 out of 17 special forces for each individual character, giving both CT units such as the French "GIGN" and the Russian "Spetsnaz Alfa", while also giving a military experience in units like the British "SAS" and the US "Navy Seals". Elite is combining the intense action in the Close Quarter Combat fights and the excitement in long range engagements, which gives an amazing atmosphere in the game.

Are You Interested?

We offer you:
- Colleges that are both enthusiastic and experienced
- A memorable and fun experience
- A very professional and organized team
- Contract to sign
- Portfolio on our website
- Be part of our beta testing
- Your work will be shown to the public

You offer us:
- Able to handle constructive critism
- Able to have your work done to given deadline
- Able to update us at least 2 times a week (1 time with updates in form of pictures)
- Able to sign contract
- Able to show past work/portoflio
- Self driven and self motivated
- Excellent communication skills
- Able to present your work to the whole team
- Able to work alone and together in a team
- Able to meet requirements in one of following:

-- You will be part of our modeler team and work with mock-ups, prototypes, hi-res/hi-poly and optimized in-game assets (mainly focusing on props)
-- You will be working close with the modeler team as well as the whole team, updating the lead modeler at least twice a week in form of pictures

Skills required:
-- Experienced with Autodesk Max or Maya (Zbrush and MudBox is okay as well)
-- Skilled in creating assets (focusing on buildings, environment assets as well as firearms)
-- Skilled in creating mock-ups, prototypes, hi-res/hi-poly as well as optimized in-game assets
-- Skilled with texturing of assets
-- (OPTIONAL) Experienced with exporting from Max/Maya/MudBox/Zbrush to CryEngine 3
-- At least 2 years of experience in the game industry OR in the modeling branch

-- You will be in charge of our Modeler team, helping with exporting to CryEngine 3 and creating different mock-ups if needed
-- You will need to ensure that everything in the modeler team is going the right way, that everyone know what they should do, and that they all update you at least twice a week

Skills required:
-- Excellent leadership
-- Experienced with Autodesk Max or Maya (Zbrush and MudBox is okay as well)
-- Experienced with texturing
-- Skilled in creating mock-ups and prototypes
-- Experienced with exporting from Max/Maya/MudBox/Zbrush to CryEngine 3
-- At least 2 years of experience in the gaming industry OR modeling branch

What Is More Needed?
- A Dropbox account
- A Skype account

We're an organized team. We love our work.

We hope to hear more from you!

To Apply

Send resume or portfolio to Realisticgamestudios@hotmail.com

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