Mundi Interactive is a multi-platform game development company, founded in 2013 by an industry veteran with over 15 years of professional AAA game programming experience. The company's focus is on creating unique and engaging experiences on a wide variety of platforms... from mobile, to desktop, to consoles.

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----- ARTIST WANTED! -----

Mundi Interactive is looking for a very talented artist to help ship their first title and develop the company brand. A 'generalist' (talents in many areas) is preferred, although someone with raw classical abilities is also applicable. Initial work will be 2D concept, production, UI, and animation work for an iOS & Android phone title which is already in development. The total work remaining on this project is about 1-3 months, depending on the amount of time dedicated per week (part-time is acceptable, although more would be fantastic).

If the work relationship develops well, the future holds many possibilities. You could become the lead artist for a small team, a dedicated concept artist to set the style for all future projects, or just concentrate on a smaller more focused dedication such as animation. It depends on your skills and desires.

Future titles will also include 3D art and animation... so existing experience in those areas would certainly be a big bonus!

----- Learn from experience -----

The founder of Mundi has over 15 years of professional game development experience on AAA projects, and is open to the idea of introducing new people with raw talent to the world of game development. Previous experience is *not* a requirement if the candidate can demonstrate a deep artistic ability, interest in learning, and a passion for games... although previous game development experience is certainly preferred.

----- Get in on the ground floor -----

Mundi is currently working on their first production title for iOS and Android phones. This is an opportunity to get in at the early stages of a company, and help turn it into a powerful force of gaming goodness! Have the freedom to experiment, share your ideas, and help design your dream products.

----- Work from anywhere in the world -----

At Mundi, we believe in a global economy... and that the world is your playground! If you're a capable individual with the drive to work remotely, that should be your prerogative. Keep in touch through email, chat, or video... and update your work through shared cloud storage. Work from your home office, the cafe down the street, or on the beach sipping a piƱa colada! Access to a stable broadband internet connection is required, along with a microphone and/or camera (for occasional conferencing).

----- Compensation -----

Mundi Interactive is an independent game company, not backed by a publisher or fat wallet. All compensation at this early stage is completely royalty-based. You will earn a direct percentage of the profits for each title you work on. We regret to say that a salary in not currently part of our business model... which is why we need someone with the time and passion to do quality work, knowing that better quality will lead to better reputation, and better reputation leads to better sales.

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