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Looking For: Environment Artists for our first game, The Unending. We need concept artists to design the environment. If your talent lies in designing environments and if you can spare 5-10 hours a week, please apply. Everyone who works in this project has at least 3-5 years experience in game developing and this is not the first time most of us are working together. But Goldilocks Games is still a new studio and we will not be able to pay you for your services right away. This is a small project. If this turns out to be as impressive as we are planning it to be, then we believe we can make a name for ourselves.

We are thinking of having a cell shaded art style reminiscent of the breath of the wild and the sea of thieves. Further details will be given when you join the team.

My role: Lead Designer (Level and gameplay), founder and team leader.

Technologies: Unity as our main development platform, Discord as our messaging platform. Our target platform is Windows PC.

Project: The Unending is a 2.5D isometric adventure game with limited resource management, base building and survival elements. The game concept and gameplay elements have already been decided. The GDD is still under works.

Length of Project: Ongoing. This is our first game and we're all working part-time on this, you can expect to be a small project. Depending on how well the prototype looks, we may decide to spend more time on the project. Right now we only expect you to spend 5-10 hours a week on our game.

Revenue share: Negotiable. The share will be based on the role the contractor plays in the finished project.

Experience: We do not expect all our contractors to be experienced veterans. We will give everyone that applies a chance to prove themselves.

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