GoldenWolfGames are new Indie Development Team, working with The Unreal Development Kit. Our aim is to make some awesome games that players will enjoy playing time and time again.

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Hello, firstly let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Jamie Moore, i live in the UK, I'm the Project Lead and the Design Team Leader for our Development Team GoldenWolfGames Project Rize.

The whole reason I'm here is obvious because for our project to become a real success we need strong talented team members to join our Development Team. We're currently looking to fill a majority of our open positions so that we can start full development.

At this moment in time all of our positions will be Royalty based. We're hoping to turn your position into a fully paid position by the end of development. For you this will be a great opportunity to get on board a well organised Development Team, to gain that vital experience needed to further yourself in the Gaming Industry and to also help you become a better Developer.

Okay then now lets tell you a little bit about Rize, if there's something that we haven't posted or if you just want to know something then PM or Email me and i'll be happy to supply you with the information.

A Little bit about Rize

Rize will be our first Big Video Game Project, but we are passionate to this game big success, with a team of talented developers on board then we will make Rize a Unique and amazing gaming experince and we hope Rize will lead us into bigger and better games.

Rize will be a Single Player and Multiplayer Tactical First Person Zombie Shooter, Rize will feature a single player Story Mode which will follow the story of Four playable characters, who's story's all intertwine. Rize will also feature a Multiplayer Mode which consists of Four different Game Modes Team Death-match, hunted, search and Survival, Weapons and characters will be customizeable. we've got quite alot planned for Rize Multiplayer but for obvious reasons we can not post the details on a public forum.

Brief Background Story

Rizr! is based in the near future after a infection has killed off a vast amount of the human population. The government tried to hide it, but because the outbreak spread very quickly the government lost control and everyone was left to fend for themselves. Most of which became very weak because of a lack of a food source, which made them venture the streets to find any type of a food source, which led most to be out in the open and unable to fend for themselves against the Infected.

Any survivors that survived through the first year did so by grouping together, Local church groups, friends, family or even any group they could find. Really in the end it didn't matter, the only thing what mattered was surviving. The key to surviving was the power in numbers, but remaining small enough to be safe.

At first all of the groups got on with there live's with no trouble using using anything they could find to keep safe, trying to help each others groups survive through until the infestation was gone. But that was before the winter came, local food supplies dried up, water sources froze over and wild life migrated. That's when all the fighting between groups started, everyone blames another group for making the first move but since then they are all guilty of sabotaging and stealing from each other.

The harsh three years these groups have managed to survive together has built a sense of pride and loyalty within the groups and a deep sense of hatred towards one another. They no longer live side by side peacefully, given the chance they will slit each other’s throats and leave their corpse naked in the streets.

Most of the survivors are now believed to have some sort of resistance to the infection. When the virus first became airborne it was still young and killed many victims without reanimation, so most survivors will survive small cuts and scrapes obtained during a confrontation with the infected. However the infected are extremely hungry and the ones that have survived are ruthless killers and have learned how to quickly incapacitate humans. More often than not if an infected is close enough to scrape you, you wont!

Current Open Positions

Below is a the list of currently open positions, once the place is filled or another positions opens, we will immediately remove/add the position. Our aim is to fill the majority of the open positions so that we can start full development. If you wish to know more information then please do not hesitate to contact me via our email address. For details on how to apply see the "how to apply" section.

Programming Positions

We are currently looking for One Programmer, to apply for this position you must have previous experience with the Unreal Script, as we will not be able to give you the time you need to learn all the ins and outs of programming in UDK. If successful your tasks will be to build on to existing gameplay machanics, the majority of code is already in place so updating and building upon is all that is needed.

We are also looking for a Multiplayer Network Programmer, Applicants must have experience with Steamworks. We currently have quite alot of work done in the Programming multiplayer side of things, but we would like to hire another multiplayer programmer to help take the work load of just one person.

Art Positions

We are looking for a experienced UI Designer/Maker, applicants must have experience in Scaleform and using it inside or UDK.

We are also looking for 3D Modellers in the following areas:
1 x Character Modeller
1x Weapons Modeller
2 x Assets/Evironment Modeller
We prefer applicants to have previous experience but if there modelling skills are good then we consider you.

We are also looking for artists to filled the following art possitons:
1 x Particle/Effects Artist
1 x Concept Artist
1 x texture Artist.

Animator/Rigger Positions

We are currently looking for the following positions to be filled:
1 x Animator and Rigger (Character)
1 x Animator and Rigger (weapons)

Level Designers

We would like to recruit 2/3 Level designers to work on various maps/levels, Experience with making good looking landscapes is prefered but is not essential. Must be able to use there own initiative to edit/change parts of level to help the flow of gameplay.

Please note: If your position is not listed please do not apply.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a possition then please contact us using the following methods:
2)skype: improdz
3) PM us via this forum

Please include the following information:

Online Portfolio:
Time Available to work each week:


Please visit our IndieDB page for concepts.

Thank you for taking your time to read our thread


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