Fenrir Studios is based in San Francisco. We are currently working on our first title, "Dark Storm" and will be shortly releasing VR Missions and a Prologue chapter.

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Fenrir Studios is developing a 3D Stealth Action game, called Dark Storm in the Unreal 4 Engine. You will be paid by a Royalty Contract.

We decided to break the game up into 4 chapters due to us being unfunded at the moment, and on a royalty based contract to help get the money rolling in before we switch to full paid job.
Royalty Contract: You will be paid based on what you put into the finished product, which is taken from how much we make from it.

Dark Storm:
Dark Storm is setup in the near future, which breaks away from our own potential history. Located on Earth in Alaska, you play as Amber, an ex special forces soldier who is security at a top secret research base which comes under attack by unknown assailants.

The game-play is influenced by games such as Metal Gear, and Deus Ex. Where sneaking, and subterfuge can be an option rather than just straight out gun fights.

To apply, you must:

Requirement for Level Designers:

- Experience in UE4/UDK
- Spend 6-8 hours a week working on project
- Must attend our weekly meetings and active on Discord almost daily
- The willingness to manage and assign tasks to modelers under you
- Basic Knowledge of blueprints
- Positive attitude
- Willing to take and give positive criticism

Optional Requirements

- Modeling/Texturing is a plus

We already have several people in most fields, but are looking to expand our numbers.
Fenrir Studios is flexible for work hours, and we understand that while we aren't paying you up front, and is instead a pay on release system, that you may have other obligations, and focus in your life. Fenrir Studios does our best to find a good middle ground between all our members.

Chapter 1 of Dark Storm is nearly complete, and we will be going right into Chapter 2 as soon as it is done. With our Multiplayer Module being worked on on the side as well.

For more information, please feel free to check out several sites which we post our dev blogs on, as well as our website(WIP).

Dark Storm Website: Darkstormuniverse.com

Sept 4th Devblog: Indiedb.com

You can also feel free to join our public Discord Channel: Discord.gg

Any questions, or inquiries will be answered below, or you may join our discord channel and ask us directly there.

To Apply

Email: recruitment@fenrirstudios.com
Skype : Dark583

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