The Fall from Heaven group is an internet team of artists, writers and programmers brought together to create a unique dark fantasy world for Civilization IV. The team created the popular Fall from Heaven II mod, the Age of Ice scenario for Firaxis's Beyond the Sword as well as having significant contributions to the core game in Beyond the Sword. Team members are: Derek "Kael" Paxton, Michael "AlazkanAssassin" Hall, Chalid, Jon "Corlindale" Duus, Philippe "C.Roland" Côté-Léger, Eli "Loki" Markham, Randy "Niki's-Knight" Miller, Martin "Ploeperpengel" Zutz, Stephan "seZereth" Weiß, Ben "Talchas" Segall, Ilia "White Rabbit" Draznin, William "Wilboman" Nordan and Tom "Woodelf" Snyder

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