EpicToast Interactive was an indie game development group, our main goal was to create games that aren't just "cool games" or "fun", but also express who we are as gamers, and even who we are as people. Yes we have disbanded. We will no longer be giving updates or really anything on this page anymore. I hope that you all had a good time with us! we had a good run but everything comes to an end at some point. Sincerely Epictoast Interactive.

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Hi, Im Figro, and I am going to tell you a bit about what you will do here at EpicToast....

About EpicToast Interactive - EpicToast is an indie group, our main goal is to create interesting and innovative games for anyone to play.

We work as a team to accomplish our goals, that means that the graphics designer would ask about code, the coder would talk about music, or the sound person would put out ideas for new gameplay aspects.

At EpicToast we are devoted, we don't care if someone does not work for a week as long as they acknowledge their absence and show us that they are going to work again soon. This also means that whatever state we are in, good or bad, you have the commitment to stay by your group members sides, supporting them, and trusting that they will support you as well.

At Epic Toast Interactive we are friends, not co-workers... This means we get to know each other and take time to understand what our team members contribute or are capable of contributing.

Here at Epic Toast we are not experts, but that does not mean that we cant give it our best effort, you see, there is a difference between skill and effort, you do not have to posses skill to have effort. This means that when you are having trouble with a project you are working on, you don't quit trying to get it right.

And most importantly, we are not here to get wealthy, at EpicToast the only compensation we receive is game design experience that lets us expand our knowledge of how game design works, what it can offer you, and what you can offer it.

About CanYouSurvive- CYS is a retro-style (doom-ish) 3D first person simulation/action game where your main goal is too see how many "rounds" you can survive. Each round a random event occurs that can range anywhere from a garden gnome invasion to a violent earthquake. Check out our game page for updates and info.

About your job - As an artist, your goal is to work closely with other artists (myself) to make sure the player enters a nostalgic yet immersive environment, and no... you don't have to be the greatest artist in the world, you do however have to love art and have a feel for retro 90's graphical styles. You will be asked to do things like map making, texture making, animating, and icon/GUI making. And most importantly, you must have a desire to help with the game and be able to show constant enthusiasm and commitment no matter what situation you are put into, if I have to ask you constantly for a week if you are done making that GUI button, or drawing out a new map only to finally hear you say "well I don't know how to make maps" .... we have a problem.

Over all, if you are proud of your work (no matter what it looks like), and you love and have fun making art, and have a sense of commitment to the project and other teammates, you will be fine :)

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