zomibe mod pour toutes versions de vietcong il est uniquement multijoueur

zulu addon

Thank you. Got to check this out once my mates have downloaded the version from MyAbandonware. The main game and Fist Alpha are now free to download. When you click on the download button it opens up several more download buttons for the various patches and NoCD patch.

It's well worth getting this game. Even though its now 19 years old it's still a fantastic game. Sadly they don't make them like this anymore. The emphasis seems to be on realism and multiplayer, where new maps are rolled out regularly and costing shed loads of money. Also, no modding support and only dedicated servers, so once the dev's decide to close them down, which they invariably will, the games are virtually unplayable, with just short single p0layer campaigns and no chance to play with your mates.

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