An Xbox DLC Installer for 'Umbara: Airbase' Map. Includes Umbara: Airbase - Clone Wars Conquest by bk2modder. Includes 501st Legion and Umbaran militia skins, as well as new heroes Savage Opress, Pong Krell, Captain Rex, and Commander OOM-9, all complete with custom animations and combos!

Umbara: Airbase Xbox Edition v1.0.1 [OUTDATED]

Woah this is intense! I am VERY impressed with this map! It's one of my favorite BF1 mods on PC so seeing it here is great!

But it is kind of choppy sadly. And the forced limitations with more players will always be a huge bummer. Rex and OOM are fun heroes for sure, but it does and will forever suck we can't have Pong and Savage playable with at least two players on split screen. I was really impressed that there are Umbarian voice lines though. That honestly caught me off guard a little bit, I truly wasn't expecting that for the Xbox.

I also think the 3/4 player skins for units should be the standard skins. I feel like they fit the map a bit better than the stock (but edited) BF2 skins.

And just a quick off topic, but the alt DLC addon is for the Endor/Hoth maps, not Umbara.

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bk2modder Author

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the map!

This was a tough map to port with the limitations, and I empathize with the frustration of not being able to have Pong Krell and Savage duel in splitscreen, it was something I wrangled with but couldn't get working without cutting the map down further in some way.

The skins for the units being changed in splitscreen was a necessary optimization to reduce memory usage for those modes, sadly; I don't like wrecking Pandemic's balancing with making units identifiable, but I didn't want users to experience constant crashing either.

Good catch on the Alt-Addon Link! I updated the link with whatever Alt-Addon package I last uploaded for this.

Maybe I'll revisit this map in the future if I find some other optimization tricks I can make.

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Yeah, that makes sense. I do agree, it's nice to have a clear difference between the units for sure, but in this instance, I think it's more interesting, if only because it's a lot like the episodes and adds variety from the base game.

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