Made using the GSMXII mod and requires it to run the mission. Also requires the Lvt-4 water buffalo from the steam workshop to run. //unzip and install to here:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Men of War Assault Squad 2\resource\map I have revamped and somewhat transformed the tutorial map (it kinda looked like Tarawa) into a more functioning Island that the Americans have to take. You may spawn more lvt-4's if you feel you need them. I have completed the island with only the base but you can make more if you want to. the USA are not scripted but I have gone into a good effort for the Japanese to give them defensive positions and a few tanks. This is not historically accurate as it is a fictional mission. there may also be a slight glitch with the trenches but there usually isn't. Enjoy the mission and please leave some feedback or suggestions for future projects. I hope it works

The Island
ArcadePreMan - - 822 comments

Sir I changed a little bit of your beach invasion.

I changed the LVT to Higgins Boat. I scripted it to make it D-Day like invasion.
If you like it I can give you the files.

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ArcadePreMan - - 822 comments

All credits to you.Add exit on the trenches, you can found it on trench_exit like thing.

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nwoodward789 Author
nwoodward789 - - 5 comments

That would be great. I'd love to see what you did with it and as for the exit trenches, there was a save error that occurred. The map didn't save the exit trenches when I made it but they were originally there

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