LSD makes cj feal weird its a big but easy to install mod that is a very very big exstention from Hippie moon & water mod LSD makes.... flower power: stars sun head lights police lights street lights traffic lights coast gaurds light police boet light all boets plane lights groovey clouds: high pschedelic colure flamed clouds low psychedelic colure clouds distance hippie logo clouds groovey water: seabed is colurfull with tiny hippie logos water is realy pschedelic waves look aws birds: psychedelic parots rainbows: normaly theres a super weird but aws rainbow in SF sticking threw a distance cloud and a hole lot more i cant say enjoy mod

LSD effect (acid) Hippie Drugs
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Haha some dued looks at this and he starts to think... "Am i still high?" xD (*wispers me: im so still high!*") xD

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