This is another option to launch TFO apart from Steam, I've also added command line possibilities. Basic Console and Performance Fix check boxes. As well as a command line box for adding more stuff if you want to!

The Forgotten Ones Launcher

Thanks, nice feature!
Tried using the launcher, it launched Steam and a dialog popped up in the background asking me if I want to convert Source SDK Base 2007 files to a 'new, more efficient format' (evidently SteamPipe). This dialog prevented TFO from launching, and the launcher prevented me from selecting that dialog ;) finally, I had to use the task manager to shut down the launcher and cancel the conversion to SteamPipe.

I remember your advice to use a non-SteamPipe SDK Base. How should I deal with this? Won't the conversion harm the stability of the mod?

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Pretador Author

Yeah since this launcher must open appID 218 while then processing it to the sourcemod that will cause source sdk base to ask for you to update it cause you are "kinda" launching sdk base 2007 with a command argument. SteamPipe works fine on TFO but the many updates that Valve keep releasing breaks the SDK Base that's why I added some old archives on the mod homepage so you can stay away from the ****** updates.

Tho this launcher is a good thing to have, it makes a few things easier so I'd recommend you to get steampipe.

As for the dialog, its on top of anything, you just have to minimize it if you want to select anything behind it...

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