This is my first map. I want to know what the community thinks so I can know what to do for later maps. Thanks, John

Test Chamber 00

immediate thoughts: misaligned/cut off textures with no lights.

I'll be the first to admit, as a level designer, my first map was like that.

I'd suggest using the real game as a guideline for quality. took me ages to realise that was the way to go. until you have a map of that quality, you are only going to be flamed unfortunately.

think of the portal community as wild dogs. if you do not please them enough, or even worse anger them, they will tear you apart, limb from limb.
I have no idea why this is so, but that's my experience from the portal community personally.

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why did you post this as a portal 2 addon, go over to
and upload it there so you can get the whole community to bash the map and give you suggestions. nice try but it is terrible. Please do not be one of those guys who makes one map then starts a mod, like I see everywhere, you have about 3 more months of learning before you can make a map that I don't want to die after playing. I'm sorry for being mean but this is the wrong place for your first map. glad to see more people are getting into mapping though. if you want some tips or suggestions message me... I know what I'm doing, I am the leader of

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