Sniper Noob V1 my first map Make FeedBack Please ...


I know it's your first map so Im trying to give you constructive feedback only.

-The maps name doesn't match anything on the map

-First thing I noticed is the rainbow hands.
->look up how to add worldspawn to your map or if you did add light grid.

-map has very dull look, textures are very boring and the layout isn't good.
-> Pick/ Invent a theme, add custom textures, add patches, add models

-the gameplay isn't good, it looks like you added brushes after another by just thinking the first trap that came in to your mind
->First design your gameplay / track, then start editing the track and make traps and surroundings

-you climb ladders half of the time it takes u to complete the track.
->Again pay attention to the gameplay

-Music stopped before I even finished the map
-> Add loop to the soundaliases

-Activators place is way too empty/ or big.
->Make the map look intresting for the activator aswell

-On some of the traps you cant really tell if you activated them or not and you won't get xp activating them
->Add hintstring and xp script

-The rooms are very generic and boring
->Add something unique to the rooms

-Bounce room isn't too easy for beginners
->test the bounces to work with 125fps on g_speed 190 and dr_jumpers_speed 1.0

-Credit the person who you get the scripts from

-What I'd suggest is to take this download down and make a v2 version of this map with my tricks I just told you. The truth is no one wants to play map like this..

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-i tried to add music to final doors but i dont know how to make it
-when i add a custom texture my textures is white when i fix it the textures not look like same on radiant
-i add xp script or i think like that
-i want to make a music menu on start but i cant make the script of it

and can you help me on mapping give me some tactics please ..

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Please Contact me..

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1) same way you added the map music but you make it start in the rooms script

2) you didn't add your iwi custom textures in the map iwd, so when you devmap it you just see that default color, also for the red lights (rainbow gloves) make sure you add some reflection probes and compile reflections

3) you got a different version of the addtriggertolist function, try adding a new one (that only takes name instead of name, positionOfIconAboveTrap)

The endrooms script are bugged, when someone picks a room activator always gets teleported in knife room (obviously this only applies for bounce and sniper room)

Also make sure that you can finish the map in default speed (devmap one is higher)

But with the right textures and fixes this map could be good, i liked the path :)

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Can you Contact Me Please

Skype : digitalxx2
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