Star Wars: Jedi Academy. The Outlander Club, complete with 6 city apartments (Vos Gesal Street in Coruscant's Uscru Entertainment District) Downtown Coruscant as seen in Season 2 of the Clone wars (Including cafe, night club with balcony, 4 apartments. Cad Bane apartment (or at least the place he was seen shortly after killing Jedi Master Ord Enisence. Upper garage areas Lower Garage and cargo area Underground subway / swoop track Underground Rancor / Duel arena Stolen Noobian star fighter landing pad

Adventures (Coruscant) - Jedi Academy mp
JDSauce - - 1 comments

yo sjc it's your old partner in modding slice / gangster angel, I hope things are good your end m8, cant believe your still doing jka modding , and can't believe i stumbled across u on the world wide web looking for something completely un related lol

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sith-j-cull Author
sith-j-cull - - 12 comments

Hey JD, good to see you on here mate- hope you are goind ok? As for JKA, as long as there are players I guess I will map for it lol.. I really should find another newer SW game or mod to map for as learning a newer engine sounds fun, but I just love pushing the JKA engine to its limits lol.. Anyways moddb will be my new home so will be adding all of my maps over the next week or so..

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Anthony1138 - - 222 comments

I say wait for a new good star wars game, or if we could get our hands on the source code, we could make a new jedi academy. One with amazing graphics.....i can dream can't i?

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Garyn Dakari
Garyn Dakari - - 1,508 comments

One of my favorite maps :)

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sith-j-cull Author
sith-j-cull - - 12 comments

Thanks mate.. spent a lot of time on it to be honest :p

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therfiles - - 327 comments

This map is amazing, it must have taken you forever, good job!

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SecretApprentice - - 174 comments

To show how much I appreciate your map's I bring npc's and add them into your levels and fight them just like doing it in the real game.

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Guest - - 696,309 comments

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General_Howard - - 16 comments

This is quite honestly, how the base game Coruscant should've looked.. Or at least been an area of it. The base game Coruscant is so poor, that I wouldn't even consider it Coruscant, 'cos it looks nothing like it.

Great job, James! Time spent well and gives people a chance to also turn it in to a single player map, too.. With some entity modding. etc.

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