SirHinkel's missions (v4.7) for #valour Available missions: - Kursk (Germany vs. Soviet Union) - Outskirts of Cherbourg (USA vs. Germany) - March (Soviet Union vs. Germany) - Crossroads (UK vs. Germany) - Atlantikwall (Germany vs. USA) - Guadalcanal (Japan vs. USA) - Omaha Beach (USA vs. Germany) - Barbarossa (Germany vs. Soviet Union) - Operation Taifun (Germany vs. Soviet Union) - Fall Blau (Germany vs. Russia) - Stalingrad Outskirts (Germany vs. Soviet Union) - Stalingrad Urban Warfare (Germany vs. Soviet Union) - Stalingrad The turning point (Germany vs. Soviet Union) - Alamo (USA vs. Germany) - Dnieper-Line (Germany vs. Soviet Union) - Narva Bridgehead (Germany vs. Soviet Union) Main changes in the missions: - infantry skins (with winter coats for Germany, Italy and USSR) - vehicles according war era - individual ammo for tanks and cannons - new game logic - visors, ranges, damages - new FX effects

SirHinkel's missions for #valour mod
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