Basically a redone campaign for the shockwave mod. All mod credit goes to the SWR team for their fantastic mod. If there are any problems and such, i will do my best to fix them, so don't hesitate to ask.

Single Player Maps: Shockwave

the campaign is good so far but the gla mission 12 the ally gla were you return the rebels they are broke they send the nukes and bombtrucks and stuff but they don't build nothing hope this is fixable

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o and I forgot to metion the gla mission 3 in the intro were the rocket guys get gps scambled they don't get gps scrambled they get shot and killed and you are stuck sitting there watching the intro just figured I should metion

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PeaceKeep0r AuthorOnline

Most, if not all, bugs may be due to the fact that Easy, Medium, and Hard are playing at the same time.

I do not know how to fix this, as I'm just a basic map editor, just giving the public what I've done for my own use.

Regardless, thanks to all who gave appreciation towards it.

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