Sereja's Mos Eisley Spaceport is a remake of the scene of Mos Eisley on Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope on Battlefront 1 by Sereja which was converted by Javitolo98 to Battlefront 2 for us all to enjoy. I DID NOT MAKE THIS MAP, CREDITS ARE GIVEN TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE SEREJA'S MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT IN THE DESCRIPTION!

Sereja's Mos Eisley Spaceport ALPHA
Cyberctf346 - - 411 comments

Somebody needs to convert seraja’s Naboo city of theed map. I don’t have any knowledge on conversions but it would be cool to play as I do not own the first game.

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predatorwookiee - - 32 comments

About time we get a good Mos Eisly map.

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RevanShan - - 885 comments

I love where this is going, but please, use yellowish sand instead of that dark brown ground.

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Javitolo98 - - 255 comments

En la version actual se ve asi , aun no esta preparada,pero ya corrige muchos errores de esta version

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RevanShan - - 885 comments

Gracias a dios. Mañana (hoy) subo vídeo de esto

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Guest - - 696,689 comments

Is there a link to a new version of the map? Thank You

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Noddynod443 - - 197 comments

Has anyone found a way to play any of Sereja's awesome battlefront 1 maps in multiplayer?

Imagine the fun it would be in multiplayer on the BF1 version.
Currently I get a crash to desktop when I try to start any of Serejas maps in a LAN server... the rumor is that his maps crash multiplayer because of having an excessive amount of objects and stuff in the maps.

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YuriBoechat - - 2 comments

Is anyone experiencing a problem with the game crashing suddenly?
The map looks amazing and I really wish I could play it

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dilshodabdullayev1 - - 2 comments

Yes, i dont found the actual version of this map

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