Buttons Up the Back Shirt! Just put them into your Left 4 Dead 2 - addons folder... Check the addon while in game in the extras and addon section... I hope ya enjoy this...

Rochelle - Pretty Shirt
Roasted-Salmon - - 234 comments


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Mr.John - - 1,570 comments

All I see is that ***. Id tap it.

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(Exchange) - - 183 comments

Nice one :)

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sdafsdfasd - - 25 comments

Rochelle is pretty cool guy,she has way too many buttons on her shirt and doesn't afraid of anything.

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Nozzy - - 111 comments

Who the **** wants a shirt that buttons up the back? I'm sorry but that is the worst design idea ever.

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cenafan349 - - 22 comments

i have to agree with u nozzy. honestly its pretty gay

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vlara Author
vlara - - 7 comments

Ha,Ha,Ha... You guys have a problem obviously...
Probably Rochelle is a beautyful women and stay will this in the l4d2 forever!

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vlara Author
vlara - - 7 comments

by the way...
Shirt is not for you guys, shirt is for Rochelle... sorry

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lower111 - - 131 comments

I want nude Rochelle ! :D

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{ewan)0(ko} - - 1 comments

some hot rochelle pls.

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