You are a squad of "Offworld Drop Marines". You are engaged in a war with hostile creatures in the Outer Systems. Your tour ending, you have returned to Earth. And now you learn the war has reached your home planet... What will you do? Will you hide out in some bunker somewhere and count off the remainder of your days? Will you abandon Earth (if you even can) to go live on some barren rock world, out on the fringes of the known galaxy? Or will you choose to risk your life and follow a cryptic, self-appointed, possibly insane leader on a questionable mission to save the world? ========================== Reduction is a "story mod" (a non-canonical campaign) for the game Alien Swarm (by Valve). Basically it keeps all the great Alien Swarm gameplay, units, weapons, etc, but adds a new story and a new setting (in the familiar, generic starship-troopers-versus-aliens sub-genre of science fiction). The Reduction blog is here:

Reduction: The Alien Swarm Campaign

Great campaign,sfi-fi at its best,reduction really raised the bar for Alien Swarm :)
A must play to all alien swarm fans!

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