Hy. This is my first Addon for Alien Swarm i ever did. I'm finally played with that addon only with a fev friend's , becouse we enjoying this game on a harder difficult like : Hard , Insaene or Brutal , but the problem was that we ever run's out of ammo and the Aliens atacks us to fast , so this Addon will solve this problem.

Realistic Mod - Weapon and Difficult v.1.0.0

What if you run with the mod on lower than hard difficulty, would it then be compatible with other not running it?

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Tex-Rec Author

well , if you play with this addon on Easy and Normal difficult , then i'm sure it will be to easy for you if you are already an extreme player of Alien Swarm , you can play , but as we pimped up each wepon , and gived it more damage to run it a bit better on the Hard Insane and Brutal difficult , you can imagine then how it will be easy to play the other's two difficul.

But what we done for easy and normal is , we put the aliens atack on easy and normal difficult , to run a litle bit faster and you will run a bit slower , so even if you have a better damage , they can catch you easyer!!

I hope we will find any other way's to make it better !!

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You slowed aliens down, and increased player weapon damage on the harder difficulties? Doesn't easy/medium do the same thing?

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Tex-Rec Author

Easy difficult the aliens was slower , and brutall totall fast , now its on easy faster and on butall slower , becouse on easy atacks only a fev of them and on brutal difficult thousands of them , the weapons damage on this mod is still the same , does not metter on wich difficult you are playing , but like i sayed mod is created more for playing Hard , Insane and Brutal difficult , it was really unfortunaly to play solo or with new player that doesnt have a nice taktit with the standard game , just to much and unrealistic fast atacks of the aliens.

Well , we still playing with the mod and edititng everyithing what we can , to make the mod a bit better , to not make it sooo iseay like it's curently now.

If you give a try you will see , what for a normal gameplay you can have with it on insane or brutal difficult.
A litle bit more fun is there , but i'm still not happy at all !

Changes are comming.

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