This mod replaces the Xbox button scheme with the one for the Dual Shock controllers. To use it, unzip the downloaded file and place the UI.PAK inside the DATA folder, and... that's it!

Playstation Buttons UI Mod
ejdaley - - 5 comments

Thank you! I use a PS3 controller and the Xbox prompts screw me up sometimes.

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ejdaley - - 5 comments

Hey, just an FYI, with this 'mod', the health bar and flashlight battery indicator shows up in nightmare mode.

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Keytotruth Author
Keytotruth - - 1 comments

Oh? That shouldn't happen. D:
I'll take a look into it at some point.

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nigga619 - - 6 comments

Hey, I modified your pack slightly, now the health is not showing when playing nightmare mode.

Please report if any bugs are noticed.

In case I don't see your response, you are free to try the UI modding utility and try things yourself.

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Guest - - 689,138 comments

Thank you for fixing the issue, 619.

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Ccooluke - - 1 comments

Hey is there a way to edit it so everything shows XBOX controller buttons INSTEAD of the keyboard and mouse prompts?

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