***CIV 5 MOD/Senario *** GOD created a PERFECT WORLD ... heaven, earth, day & night ... sky, land , seas, sun, moon, stars ... vegetation & creatures ... man kind in his own image ...and it was PERFECT, so at the 7th day he made a rest...but he should not!! That is when (Sid Meiers) CIVILIZATION happened and a new species developed - THE COMPLAINERS: "The World is too big/ small, too slow, no balance, too much/little resources, too many/ little Civs, not enough CS, wrong city, wrong tile ..."! So many of those "Complainers" worked hard to "improve earth", and last of those many, AugusTIN looked at his CREATION ... and he knew for sure that this is NOT a PERFECT WORLD, but it is a FUN one - have FUN playing :) 1. CONTAINS 2 „SCENARIOS“: - PERFECT WORLD Classic – created for 12 player MP at GMR - PERFECT WORLD SP – if you dont have the luck to play MP

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