Control the overlord and his minions on his quest to conquer the lands of the Halflings. REQUIRES:EDAIN 4.0 OR 4.2 OR 4.3. PLAYER 1 POSITION TOP RIGHT!

Overlord Mission Map

Ok so I just played through this map and was not let down. :)

But I would like to point out The hero powers,all 6 the top being #1, NUMBER 5 seems to do nothing.... (its supposed to do 4 different things? but does nothing at any level)Did I read it wrong?

Is it possible to add more troops to the defenders like bree men? or Like 6 op peasants scattered in strategic places to simulate some bree-men? Come on please you know some hobbits and bree-men were friends though the hobbits will probably just tell you a story about growing and smoking herbs if you ask them about it. :)

Thanks for you work

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TheToadSageJiraiya Author

yeah that ability worked in 3.8.1 but not in 4.3 sadly. as for the troops sure i'll add more unique units however it cant be peasants because this is supposed to be a overlord type of level where hobbits are actually halflings and so fourth. if you have played the overlord game then you'd get it but anyway thanks for playing :)

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