Hi people. I like introduce to you my second map for this mod: mp_surv_ZombieDesert. i hope you like it.

johnleecrazy - - 69 comments

wow "ILOVEZOMBIESIDO" 's comment made me wanna try lols

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podroznik22 - - 1 comments

When I start this map by "map mp_NAMEOFMAP" bots (zombies) are only in spectors. Why? Any ideas? Map is great.. bright.. want to play there :(

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jur-_- - - 2 comments

I still donĀ“t know how to host a lan game... Could anyone explain it to me? Perhaps with a youtube video?

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SuperDuperNoob - - 1 comments

use the console, to start a lan game with custom maps, you first have to execute the Rotu cfg file, so you type /exec rotu.cfg
you then find the usermap name and to start the map you type in /map mp_(mapname) e.g. /map mp_surv_snow_haven
If you want to find other things you can edit such as wave start time, number of zombies, spawntime etc. type in /zombie. or at least I think it was /zombie

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Snorcrow - - 1 comments

Try loading the mod and then clicking the "Start a server" button.

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