Hey all im SuX lolz :], My 3rd deathrun map is availible. I've remade The Peach Castle and the first level which is called Bob-omb Battlefield, from the original game Super Mario 64. Map size is Medium or Big, 7traps, 5rooms : Snip - Bounce - Run - Knife - Weapons. There is a lot of funny secrets !, 1Secret slide (from the original game but modified). You can choose Easy or Hard way in the secret (it change the timer, and the XP gain). 1 CJ secret, Hard-Medium difficulty. 5 "Secret Stars". and some other secrets. Enjoy :). (no custom weapon in the .iwd)

Yfma - - 36 comments

Hell Yeah! :D

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Strenchex - - 34 comments

This is a great map Lolz! I played the map for like 20 minutes and found the following things:
-The theme is worked out properly.
-You added new things which blends perfectly with the rest of the map.
-You tried to keep as much of the original level which is also a good thing.
-You added some details which brought the map even more alive
-The different theme for each endroom is awesome!
-The lightning in the map is just too bright, consider lower the sunlight variable down in the worldspawn.
-Jumpers can outrun the acti which is a serious thing.
-When you jump into the water at the castle part, it plays a splash effect way too much. Even so much that it laggs the server and if a player is too long in the water the server will crash.
-Players can get stuck at the edges of the broken bridge.

Hopefully this review was helpfull and I like too see more maps from you!


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SuX_Lolz Author
SuX_Lolz - - 13 comments

Thanks Speedex, i tried to do the same lightning as sm64, its actualy good brightness, maybe a bit more idk xD, btw for the bug this is not a loop splash, i tested the map on some server , theres is no lag and the splash effect can only drop fps. and if the player is in the water for too long he get killed, no bug too xD

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sixzoRR - - 18 comments

Great map Lolz! I like it
Traps is awesome,texture too
Idea of map is awesome too

Good job man. ;) thanks for all your maps
sixzoRR :)

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SuX_Lolz Author
SuX_Lolz - - 13 comments

Thanks sixzorr <3

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SuX_Lolz Author
SuX_Lolz - - 13 comments

Yes i seen this error before, but a lot of server can run with this error. anyway i will fix some script and give the gsc.

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Lossy - - 34 comments

Hi, i spent this weekend fixing all the script errors that I have found. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the secret timers as they aren't defined properly and the GetActivator function needs to be fixed.

Here the GSC with fixes, there's still some small errors that needs to be fixed but they'll be fixed once the "GetActivator" function get fixed but it shouldn't cause any problems with the server any time. Only people that will notice the error is server owners looking at the server console or log files.


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