Rooms sniper deagle bounce map by kkk35 and nexusteam

mp dr nxs jump

If you're the mapper of this map please consider this the next time you attempt making one.

-When all traps are activated, the map becomes unfinishable, why that you ask? Because of the well designed lasers which gives the jumpers no time to pass it.
-Second, the first trap is designed so well that it just pushes me of the middle platform from underneith...
-Unless you're really lucky, the last trap is just a passage to instant death as it just an invisible bounce...
-Dont force a fixed fovscale on players, just because you like to play on 1.3 fovscale doesnt mean everyone does..
-Please use xmodels as the map now looks very boring
-The endrooms are just generic, but bug-free. So thats something I guess.

The point I want to make is, dont rush a map just to release a couple of maps in a row. Take your time when mapping so you can make a map which satisfies you when you look back at it.


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