Short and easy map with medium difficulty shortcut bounces. 5 Traps. 4 rooms (Sniper, knife, bounce, old) All rooms are about medium size. Includes an music menu with 5 chilly songs. No custom textures. Also includes 1 secret and requires fps switching.


(Although you're one of the only finnish deathrun mappers w me,) I don't get why are you suddenly releasing maps so often when you could use your time on 1 map and make it 10x better. When I play this map I'm not sure if I'm playing really it or any other of your maps because they're all the same. Add some quality to your maps please. Deathrun is already dying/ almost ded and when I'm seeing maps like this being played on the servers they make me never want to play cod4 deathrun again. You're heading the deathrun mapping quality to wrong direction. You can make quality maps with lot of details and still have low fps.
Nyt äijä paras alkaa panostaa siihe laatuun.

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Deathrun is dead for a long time cause you new mappers are making such a garbage maps, people like more oldschool stuff than this novadays ***** u make

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