Thank you very much for downloading my Max Payne 2 Alcatraz level. As you know, my last production was the Aesir Building, but it was not released as an MK Production like the other levels because of that it took me a long time to release Alcatraz.

Max Payne 2 Alcatraz Map by eckoFake

I enjoyed the Aesir – Building for his massive level design and also this level has a good structure, I think this map was studied very much, like in a lot of Max Payne 2's original levels you think you are going around but actually you are still there, only more up or down compared to the place where you started, I loved also the concept for the typewriter text style.

The map has only two negative aspects, the first I saw was a lack of decor in some areas, this refers to the absence of decals or medium-small props, they could be very usefull to break the monotony in the environment, there is also a copy-paste exaggeration for big arrangements, better make discontinuity in the props placement.
The second is only a wrong room management, not so serious but ugly to see, when you are on very hight areas you can see other level rooms flikering.
I will wait for DMW update before giving a rating.

Finally I want to thanks the developer for being still making quality contents for a 13 years old game, I know what kind of effort must be done for this result, for this I want to say: you are a person with a big willpower and dedication, don't stop making things you like and you will be always great.

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I want to ask if you can allow me to have the source level? I want to create some fights in it to have fun. I am bad at map design but I can work with the NPCs AI a little. I know it has been years since the release, but I hope you can answer me

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