This pack contain around 20 textures for this copper age unit.

Maceman Skin Pack

The Babylonian one is my favorite, with the Canaanite close second. Babylon is my favorite default ancient faction so these are awesome!

By the way, where did you find the hourglass-shaped shield design? I am not sure if I've seen that before.

Great work as always!

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Atlasfield Author

The shield for the babylon one? Well I inspired from concept art for hittites, it should be more square, and more bigger, large... but the model of the unit is... small, so that is why looks like this. Even the canaanite should wear a square shield too but I found another design and I put it.

Also the babylon is my favorite too with the nubian, but I enjoyed work with the highlander guy. Someone on the forums of EEHeaven suggested me make a guy with rapier and buckler shield, but I was not sure because the unit wear a skirt, then William Wallace appeared in my dreams and there is. :v

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