So, I have decided to make and release a model pack containing quite a lot of models (For Battle for middle earth 1(Not all models are compatible in bfme1), battle for middle earth 2, or Rise of the witch king). It features Models from these places: Dol gulder Iron hills Erebor Mirkwood Lorien Isengard Angmar. Plus it features an asset.builder(I added some things to make it not have a missing msvcr71,etc error) to help you put these models in game!. I do not request credit if you are to use these in your mod. It is 100% okay to edit/change the models/textures if you want to. If any of you have any trouble adding these models ingame, just ask below or private message me :D.

LordOfAngmar's Modelpack

That's a lot and so good models! thanks :)

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