Kuze's Freelancer Ship Pack 3 -Ships in the pack: Apophis Combat Attack Vehicle 1,2 Conqueror Coyote 1,2 Dragonhound Grasshopper Greyhound Longsword Macune Merchantman Ryujin Scimitar 1,2 Serpent Shilone Sovereign 1,2 Sumatra Sutpen Trident Westerhand -A final collection of ships I made before 2013. The majority of them was released in Ship Pack 1 and 2. 4 ships have 2 versions, version 1 is an old one, version 2 a redesigned new one. -You can modify the textures, names, hardpoint of the ships, but keep the mesh unmodified. -Please notify and credit me if you use the ship in your mod or game. -I also want to thank the following persons, they have their hand and work in the ships too: Rimshot, SWAT_OP-R8R, Hash, Saman.

Kuze's Freelancer Ship Pack 3

how instal this? how instal ships?

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