-=======New textures 2048X2048 for MOW and MOW.AS=======- ((DISABLE BUMP MAPPING IN GAME MENU TO SHOW THE TEXTURES PROPERLY)) *For personal use. I don't give right to add it to other Mods. *Just put in the mods folder and activate in menu.

Jagdtiger v1 (+ Specular map)

Nice Texture For JT

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-Stefan- Author

Thanks, I advice to turn off bump mapping.

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Good work...!!! I hope you will Create another Skins for Another Germans Tanks... Awesome...!!!

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Hi Stefan, very nice skin, I like it so much, for this reason I took the liberty of taking some parts from this skin, such as some roof details (these I improved up a little more) the engine cover (with a few changes from your skin) and side shields of the wheels, and then I adapted these details in default skins of the jagdtiger, also a skin that I made with a camouflage pattern used above, also to make the jagdtiger more realistic, I edited completly the bump texture that when activated, gives it a lot better appearance than the original ... I was wondering, if you don't care, I hope there is no problem if I upload it, because this changes would I like to share with the community...

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