Information The archive contains some improvements concerning Germans tanks and guns during WWII. Universal 88mm airgun improved. Improved all SPG and tanks with 88mm gun. Also improved all SPG and tanks with 128mm gun. Tigers very weak and slow. Of course, I can admit that fact that Tigers were very slowly. But answer is historical. Firstly, these tanks were slow, because these tanks were very heavy in that period. Tigers were snipers among tanks, because they have very heavy and high quality guns during WWII. Secondly, the gun's shot were almost deadly and have high accuracy. Third, Tigers were deficit for German Armies, so best crew recruited for Tigers. Therefore, tigers stay in the center-sharp of the line of defense. Often, Tigers work as 2 tank in tank's group. Less heavy tanks or light tanks works in the sides for defense Tigers. In the end of the WWII, there was one fact, that one Tiger stopped whole division. Learn history independently my friends.

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