Graphic and sound mod, which includes more than 700 different sounds: from all weapons to sounds of fire, explosions (including the explosion of a smoker and a fat man), impact, UI and a little replacement for the sounds of the infected, as well as the sounds of walking. The composition of the graphics from the innovations includes: new post-processing, replacement of impact decals, blood, the number of effects increased, for example, when shooting at the floor or wall, there will be more fragments, skyboxes have also been replaced, flares, glow and other effects have been changed, also slightly changed the position of the weapon in the hands and FOV, the weapon is completely replaced with weapons from the CSGO and L4D2 series. For understanding, you can watch the video. Installation: unpack the archive into the left4dead folder. Example: ...\ Games \ left 4 dead \ left4dead

Graphic and sound mod for Left 4 Dead
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