It's quite a bit tougher than Hellfire. It does not support Multi Player (Sorry but neither did “Hellfire”, EVER). I didn't want it to anyway as not all of the quests are present in multi & I wanted ALL the quests. I have used almost every available graphic on the CD. That was my intention. I have warped effects in this mod to suit my needs. This is why you can't play multi player. For example both "Heal Other" & "Resurrect" spells have been changed (to "Exodus" & "Summon dead"). Tons of new monsters, so many you might never see a monster twice. Lots of new spells. Old spells have been beefed up. Lots of new items and most unique items have been changed. Where ARE all those people who went with Lazarus to save Albrect? You'll learn their fate in this mod.

Doomfire v1.07
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