What comes in this release : HD Animated Menu by Morfalou and djibe89 Great game sounds, djibe edit

Dod Source Animated HD Menu
Half_Kill - - 59 comments

that. looks. badass

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c4ble - - 116 comments

If you want to release this for Europe you should remove the Swastica symbols, as they are illegal in Germany and I believe also in Austria, Hungary and Poland!

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-pRiNz- - - 16 comments

No he shouldn't!
Yes, indeed, they are illegal in Germany:

§ 86a StGB Use of Symbols of Unconstitutional Organizations

(1) Whoever:

1. domestically distributes or publicly uses, in a meeting or in writings (§ 11 subsection (3)) disseminated by him, symbols of one of the parties or organizations indicated in § 86 subsection (1), nos. 1, 2 and 4; or

2. produces, stocks, imports or exports objects which depict or contain such symbols for distribution or use domestically or abroad, in the manner indicated in number 1,

shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine.

But that's no problem for me (i'm german), because nobody will see me using this hd menu. (-.-)

So please leave it that way djibe89. Looks awesome! :)

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djibe89 Author
djibe89 - - 280 comments

You learnt me something.

However we are now building Europe and hope these symbols will only appear in history books.

Sorry germans, do as you with, but I love this menu so much

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GossamerSolid - - 162 comments

Having swastikas being illegal is so childish of the german government. That's like the US government banning all crosses because SOME extremist group burned black people on them.

It's history, get over it!

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Ford_prefect - - 106 comments

no, lol...wait tell someone destroyed your people and make every American think that Europeans are nazis..then you will find out why the banned it (not every American my bad but if you say your from Europe people first question, are you german? no, did your family fight in the war? yes? what side! gah!

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AmaroqDricaldari - - 1,331 comments

It isn't just childish, it's stupid. They probably cut out everything about World War II in their history books, as well as everything about Hitler. How are people suppossed to know the history about their country and thus not repeat the mistakes if they don't have access to their national history?

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Polygonien - - 16 comments

Honestly its obvious that you have no idea how life in modern germany is. I think no other nation is so honest in the handling of the own history. German media is full of documentary stuff that shows every awful detail hitler and his followers did. We know very very well what we did to the world and that we have to do everything we can so that something like this can never happen again.

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blueguy08 - - 10 comments

Ford Prefect what you said just made me think of this but..

For the question which side, did it matter whether you fought for the Wehrmacht or the SS?

Because I thought the Wehrmacht were the army that would defend Germany whether or not they were loyal to Adolf and that the SS were Loyal to Adolf.

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daves - - 15 comments

There is an "american style" menù similar to the german one?

Sorry for my english....

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BonzaiSamurai - - 13 comments

Hey, but wasn't the Swastica symbol a symbol of peace in India?

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AmaroqDricaldari - - 1,331 comments

My folders are different:

program files/steam/steamapps/LOGIN NAME/day of defeat source/dod

It doesn't day directory, so where do I put it?

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xxMidgetxx - - 22 comments

Thanks plenty for this. I couldn't find my folder ;D

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Guest - - 693,090 comments

I can't instal the pack as a result of the last dod version, please someone help me !!

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ArcadePreMan - - 822 comments


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