The day is january 1st the hospital receive unexpected visitors standing out from usual plastered people of that period. Those guys came armed and ready. Blowing up their way into the hospital's cafeteria. Determined they move forward, looking for something but what could it be? This place has nothing special. Moreover it has been recently refurbished by the council. They decided to throw a new coat of paint on it after the public scandal. What scandal? Allegedly some doctor used this place as a source for its organ trafficking. However those are just rumors, it couldn't be related to that, could it. This is my first map, I did it in a month during a friendly competitions with some pals. It's designed as a wingman map althought you can play it as 5v5. Thanks to : TopHATTwaffle, Progsys, josch, Squidski, Squink, leplubodeslapin, Arsia, L'habitant, Kemsou

de hospital night
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