Re-skin of Female Dancer 2. Re-textured most of this skin.

Dancer 2 Re-Skin

finally these hideous models are getting a remake. Someone had done them a few years back but after many uninstalls I could no longer find them. Glad yours look much better.

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wooley_mammoth Author

Thanks :)

I find many of the originals look too cartoony or have so little detail they may as well not have facial features at all haha. Its my aim to go through all the common npcs and rework them to better suit a 2019 setting.. Dont know how ill go about the gimp mask guy though... Can't say ive ever seen anyone wearing a gimp mask in a night club ahaha.

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Yep. Can confirm that. I haven't seen anyone wearing that. Closest I have come to was a gas mask.

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