Darkness Weaves began as a simple “Ironman” mod to Diablo 2. When the Expansion Pack came out (Lord of Destruction), the move was made to that game type. Ironman game play stems back to the days of and Diablo I. Players who were tired of the madness of battlenet (Cheating, Duping, Town Killing, etc) began playing variations of Diablo. These included games like “Naked Mage” or “Garbage Run”, “Powersweep” etc… Of these, the “Ironman” version was probably the most popular. It leveled the playing field for all and made the game MUCH more challenging and fun to play. It DID require people to be totally honest and fair, and in doing so, promoted gaming groups, clans, guilds and the like. It was a good time for Battle.Net and Diablo. The first few builds of Darkness Weaves were simple modifications that changed interaction with NPC’s and characters starting equipment. Later, as the mod progressed, it became evident that players could not survive long (Especially in Hardcore) withou

D2SE Darkness Weaves 2

That's the first ever mod i played in d2. Thanks for bringing it back :D

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